Friday, May 29, 2009

Rho's State of Wonder & Alio Modo

I proudly present links to two new blogs in my "Lossless Music Blogs" column:

Rho started A State of Wonder, a blog "mostly about the music of J.S.Bach, in particular his keyboard music, and especially the Well-Tempered Clavier, but, then again, not exclusively about either. Basically, it will grow as it needs. I hope you enjoy some of the music posted here."

The other blog is Alio Modo, run by an anonym "Librarian" / "admin", who demonstrates a distinctive taste, both avantgarde (Antheil, Adams, Xenakis) and old style (Pergolesi, Vivaldi).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, dear Closet!

"A Closet of Curiosities", the excellent avantgarde music blog, run by grey calx, celebrates its 3rd anniversary.

Grey Calx:

"I believe that three years is a milestone in the blogosphere especially of this type of blog. A Closet of Curiosities has come far from an obscure blog with just a few visitors to a semi-obscure blog with more traffic.

Finally, I would like to thank my visitors for stopping by and checking out the stuff I post. I hope that so far I have accomplished what I set out to do which is for this blog to be an educational resource for electronic, avant-garde, ethnic, environmental/nature, improv and ambient music and sounds as well as the quirky novelty recordings and whatever else I occasionally like to show off to the world."

And this is my gratulation song, prizing Greys arduous and excellent work:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More amendments to my lossless blogs list

On February 22th Ivan started the blog Classical And Organ Music For All, with up to now 56 posts, mainly concerning organ music (surprise!), but also complete works of C.P.E. Bach and Rachmaninoff.

Ipromesisposi is a so far small blog, named after its owner: "Aquí trataté de anotar las sensaciones en la escucha de mis obras favoritas. El objetivo no es decidir cual es mejor o peor grabación, sino aprehender el carácter específico de la interpretación." (The blog presents works in different interpretations, like it is done in Guía del Mundo Clásico).

Hemos Hablado demasiado del silencio is a already two years old blog, but has only been lossless for a short time. Jorgewic is very interested in singers (arias, piano songs).

Pancho Villa started Archivosclasicos only some days ago and reached now 172 (!) posts. Panchos taste is refined, he degusted also from other blogs (like Archinuls gone, but this is another story).