Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Blogroll of lossless classical music blogs is still most comprehensive

Recently, my dear colleague Otto started his Opera House. Like his two others blogs, the purpose „is two-fold… to give back to the community who has helped me so much over the years and provide info to my radio listeners. Thank you both and thank you 1.FM for your continued support. All of the cd's you find here are the latest additions to the web radio and are broadcast or will be in the near future.“

Random Clasics started as mp3 blog, but switched to FLAC sometime in the past. Fred says: „I love old recordings. Turn me loose in a used record store and I'll spend hours there. Everything I upload here is from my collection and is vinyl. Working with vinyl is not a perfect science and often the results are far from pristine. Let me know if you have a request - I might have it! PLEASE let me know if there are any download issues. Thank you much for visiting my blog!“

Also musica del siglo xx occasionally turned to lossless. I mentioned the Colectivo Ruben Vizcaino Valencia already before.

Avant que j’oublie is the sequel of The High Pony Tail. Maready decided to change his blog name and address, without stating a reason.

Problembär's Pantheon is a new lossless blog with up to now only one post. Problembär promises to post more: „I'll be updating this site about once a week. I may upload some of my old stuff in lossless in the future. But the next few things I have ready will be new. Hope you all enjoy this new blog.“

5 against 4 („It’s the most beautiful ugly sound in the world“) features this year's London Proms , the „World’s Greatest Classical Music Festival“, with recordings, program notes and thoughtful reviews of all the premieres.

Guanacanto („Por la música, vale la pena vivir … en Guanajuato“) contains postings on Mexican Barocco music by composers I never heard before.


JS Bach said...

Nemo you are wonderful!!

ipromesisposi said...

Thank you so much for the news.

Anonymous said...

Great, and thanks, but where is your list of lossless classical blogs?

Toutatis said...

I hope I'm not bothering you but maybe you're interested: