Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who on earth is "Ruben Vizcaino Valencia" ?

A blogger named "Colectivo Ruben Vizcaino Valencia" is follower of some classical music blogs and keeper of some own music blogs, as:

He/She is saying in the profile:

"Somos un colectivo, organizado en memoria del Maestro Ruben Vizcaíno Valencia, y nos declaramos partidarios de la generosidad, la solidaridad y la entrega anonimas."

Who on earth is "Ruben Vizcaino Valencia"?  - After googling for a long time, I found a link:


There are rumors about that the "Colectivo" is a pack of copycats, it est they copy/past posts from other music blogs. Hence, I put their blogs under quarantine (meaning: I did not add to my list of music links on the Kammermusikkammer.)

Monday, October 27, 2008

New blog Classic Download, maintained by elflaming74

Some days ago, elflaming74 discovered my blog, wrote a comment, and hence I am aware of a new classical music blog, bearing the name Classic Download.

26 posts appeared during only some days (since Octobre, 22, exactly). I dont know whether the posts are all self-made, but the titles are well assorted (piano, old opera, f.e. Purcell, Gluck, chamber music)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Download links in all posts have been repaired successfully

The closing of the shareonall service made the older posts unaccessable. In the last weeks I was very busy on reripping and reposting the affected CDs, and now all work has been done.

The new links (all lossless, most of them APE+CUE+LOG, the others single FLACs) use the sharebee service, which is my favored file upload distribution service.

The posts, which have been repost at last, are:
Muffat (Armonico Tributo)
Zelenka (Triosonaten)
Claudio Monteverdi: Madrigali (La Venexiana, live in Corsica)
Fux - Serenada Rondeau Sonata
Janequin & Sermisy: Les cris de Paris

Just Another Garden, just another contempory music blog

Dreamer stated to follow my blog for several weeks and paid me compliments for my work, which I expressly want to return. His blog "Just Another Garden" is his "jardin secret... This ambient blog is devoted to dreams and memories, to feelings and desires: music and beauty are an ever-expanding horizon..."

The musical flowers in this garden grow on fertile earth, and are of very different colors and shapes, "quality over quantity, musics that do not float on the main stream of the music business...".

When the music was over ... and resurrected

Our fellow blogger WF decited to delete all posts in his blog "When the music is over". Afterwards, the blog resurrected under the name "Auferstehn..." and became a "Gustav Mahler related record guide".

WF says: "dear visitors, this blog's purpose is to celebrate the recordings of Gustav Mahler related works. if you really just come to know the music, you won't be put off by the decent mp3 quality offered here. this deliberate action is intended for to prevent cloning of the original CDs, i recommend to buy after positive evaluation."

New blog Sic Transit Opera Mundi

I recently discovered a new classical mp3 music blog, called "Sic Transit Opera Mundi", which is - unsurprising - mainly engaged in operas. Since July, an enormous ammount of 300 flavored postings has been published. I promptly added the blog to my mp3 music blog watchlist.

I know only a little about the blog's owner, he calls himself "." and speaks Portuguese (or Brazilian).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Follow the Kammerton blog for actual news concerning the Kammermusikkammer

This new blog, called "Kammerton", has been established to act as newsfeed for the associated blog "Kammermusikkammer", which is dedicated to early, classical and contemporary western chamber music.

While the five last news of this blog are always shown on the Kammermusikkammer, is here the place to read the news in fully length, and to discuss controverse topics by posting comments to the articles. As additional service, an cbox will be established for your commenting pleasure.