Friday, February 27, 2009

Newly-discovered Russian secrets

Recently, I discovered the russian webside, because it contains a link to mine kammermusikkammer. Now, if you link to me, I will link to you.

The webside refers to some music archives, I never heard before. Most of them I have added to the lossless resp. mp3 blog lists, f.e:
v r e n o v a t i o n
zzzyva's music room
Блог Минора (Minor)
Музыкальная вертикаль (Peterforte)
Русский классический романс - А. А. Алябьев
CapsLock.WS (which is also a software repository)
Красная книга Российской эстрады

These findings give good reason to start learning Cyrillic letters and Russian language. Ole!


astarte said...

Yes, intoclassics is a highly interesting website. Got a couple of fantastic records there, such as "Breathing of Cosmos" by a composer I'd never heard of, one Ulyanich. His harp concerto on that record must be one of the most beautiful of its kind. Then, a harp solo recital by one of the greatest living harpistas, Emilia Moskvitina. Scary, what this woman can do on the harp.
Many more great albums there!

Juvenal Cerda C. said...

Only if it can be a little lift, the names are, in latin font:
- blog minora (something like "minora's blog")
- musicalnaia vertical ("vertical in music"?)
- ruskiyi classicetzkiyi romans (s.l. "classical russian romance") by A.A. Aliabep
- krasnaia kniga rossiskoi zstrat (krasnaia means "female red", the rest sis too much for my little knowledge in russian...)

You have encouraged me to retake my study (all by myself) on this beautiful language.