Monday, February 9, 2009

Bachs "Musicalisches Opfer" reposted in lossless FLAC format

My very first post for the Kammermusikkammer was Johann Sebastian Bach, "Musicalisches Opfer" (BWV 1079), performed by Enrico Gatti's Ensemble Aurora. It was the first and only post in a lossy format (mp3), and to repair this fault, now I rescanned the CD and reposted in lossless (single) flacs (with cuesheet).

CD Info (Tracklist, Covers, Booklet, Links to Downloads)

As a sample you may hear now Track No. 16, "Canon perpetuus":


musiclover said...

From your post:
"Tracks 1-13 and 17-24 ripped with EAC, Tracks 14-16 ripped with CDBurner XP Pro 3"

Tracks 14, 15 and 16 are damaged.
Can you reupload these tracks?
Thank you anyway for this wonderfull interpretation.

zero said...

This was my first download from your fine site, which I discovered only recently. Right now I'm playing it for the first time. When I ran into glitches with Track 14, I came back to figure out if the problem was at my end or elsewhere. Seeing musiclover's comment, I guess there were problems with upload. {S)he's right, this is a lovely interpretation. I, too, would be very grateful if you could redo the damaged tracks.