Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Happy New Year to all Followers of Kammermusikkammer!

If you also want to find a four leaf clover, you may follow this advice or maybe this one (or also both)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scoredaddy's goodbye and farewell

Scoredaddy announced the official demise of his blog:

SCOREDADDY'S was my labor of love for more than two years, offering the opportunity to sample obscure and often-impossible to find music: music that is ignored and buried by recording companies, and otherwise unavailable to people in most parts of the world. It was a place of discovery, both for its visitors and for me, as I delighted in learning more about the music I love and share.

In choosing material to feature (almost on a daily basis), I always sought to make SCOREDADDY'S a place that I, myself, would enjoy spending some time at. In accordance with my own musical tastes, I strove to include diverse genres, hence SCOREDADDY'S familiar slogan "superb music of all kinds".

I guess I was doing something right as SCOREDADDY'S attracted a considerable following and I received e-mails and friendly comments on a daily basis. In addition to the stimulating interaction generated by SCOREDADDY'S readers, a group of friendly collectors generously contributed their own shares of hard to find, out-of-print discs and rare LP's. It all seemed like a win-win proposition for all involved, especially since the vast majority of the items on offer were not commercially available in 95% of the world. However, some blog-troll out there in cyber(looney)space was not pleased.

Read the full doleful story...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Appearance in pairs

As a rule of thumb, lossless blogs seem to appear as pairs. The latest newcomers are not really twins (like the recent both ottos), but only casual incidents:

Pepe's Blog (picture on left) is an archive of CDs and DVDs and TV-rips concerning operas, the first and only lossless opera blog I ever heard from. Pepe started on the 8th of November, and has reached up to now 173 posts.

Classical Archives (picture on right) covers the mainstream (instrumental) genres of classical music; artists range from Monteverdi to Penderecki. Since September he posted 29 articles; some of them contain multiple CDs.

The best of luck, dear newcomers!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Timeline of New Composers

When advancing the history of music in chronological order, I recently reached J. S. Bach. With him, born 1685, my blog switches from "Alte Musik" (Early Music) to "Klassik" (Classics). (Following my opinion, the change of an area should be caused by the appearance of an giant).

Here is the second part of the Timeline of Composers, for your convenience. Like the first part, which I posted in February, its not my own work, but stolen somewhere in the net.