Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scoredaddy's goodbye and farewell

Scoredaddy announced the official demise of his blog:

SCOREDADDY'S was my labor of love for more than two years, offering the opportunity to sample obscure and often-impossible to find music: music that is ignored and buried by recording companies, and otherwise unavailable to people in most parts of the world. It was a place of discovery, both for its visitors and for me, as I delighted in learning more about the music I love and share.

In choosing material to feature (almost on a daily basis), I always sought to make SCOREDADDY'S a place that I, myself, would enjoy spending some time at. In accordance with my own musical tastes, I strove to include diverse genres, hence SCOREDADDY'S familiar slogan "superb music of all kinds".

I guess I was doing something right as SCOREDADDY'S attracted a considerable following and I received e-mails and friendly comments on a daily basis. In addition to the stimulating interaction generated by SCOREDADDY'S readers, a group of friendly collectors generously contributed their own shares of hard to find, out-of-print discs and rare LP's. It all seemed like a win-win proposition for all involved, especially since the vast majority of the items on offer were not commercially available in 95% of the world. However, some blog-troll out there in cyber(looney)space was not pleased.

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