Friday, November 7, 2008

Guía del Mundo Clásico - Guide to the World Classic

Recently elflaming74, owner of Classic Download, started a now project, a guide to prominent classical music, called Guía del Mundo Clásico. The idea behind is to act as meta-directory, serving links to several outstanding performances of the same work.

For example, the post "El Arte de la Fuga" contains references to CDs of Jordi Savall, Gustav Leonhardt, Glenn Gould, Helmut Walcha, Rinaldo Alessandrini, which have been posted in different blogs. (Of course, credits are given.)

This is a fine idea of cooperation between classical music bloggers, and we all should support it. Maybe this is also the reincarnation of "Andante Musica".


rafaelvaro74 said...

Con mis ojos empañados en lágrimas al encontrar tu referencia a mi blog, solo puedo decir gracias, gracias, gracias!!!

Berni (Austria) said...

die hinweise auf dieser seite (kammerton) sind wirklich sehr informativ!!!
vielen herzlichen dank.

Berni (Graz)