Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sankerib closed his blogs - Dmitry breaks through the baroque era

For some days, Sankerib closed his famous blogs Audiorosity and HM Catalog without any notice to his faithfully followers. Maybe he has good causes to act so. But I dont know nothing. @Sankerib, if you by accident read this, please explain...

Dmitry, on the other hand, decided to relaunch his blog Barocco-Music under the name XVIII Century Music, which he comments as follows:

"I want to change my blog's area of focus. I'm trough with barocco music and now I'm going to add some music of the Classicism. I won't forget about barocco as well."

Dmitry started the relaunch with Ignatz Pleyel's Symphonie and 11 (!) posts to Antonio Salieri (the victim of Milos Forman's calumny).

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