Friday, March 8, 2013

I proudly present ...

I proudly present another 6 new blogs in my list of "public lossless (classical) music blogs". (there are 83 blogs currently listed).
As I already mentioned in all of my former posts: It’s for your convenience only. All figures and ciphers are very about. No harms intended.
Blog Owner Posts Followers Remarks
Odeon OdeonMusico 2883 184 "A kind of theater in ancient Greece in which poets and musicians submitted their works to the approval of the public."
Net Classical Public Library 300 at least unknown May be browsed by flipcard, magazine, mosaic, and so on, as you like it
John Bull's Circle of Sound John Bull's Circle of Sound 99 9 Besides CDs, also LP and broadcasting rips
Yayo Salva Clásicos II Yayo Salva 255 18 "Música clásica en discos de vinilo"
ARia CLaSsiCa aria.d 44 unknown The first of two blogs
ARia CLaSsiCa CoMPiLaTioNs aria.d 18 unknown The other of two blogs