Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kammermusikkammer - Statistics for 2008

At the end of 2008, the Kammermusikkammer exists for about a half year, and contains 49 posts. As a statistic maniac, I herewith molest my followers with some diagrams:

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chopin resumed posting

After 8 months of silence, Chopin resumed posting on his blog, with two CDs of Jordi Savall. Welcome back, dear Chopin, in the community of classical music bloggers!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New AvaxHome Music Classical sub-categories

Since some days the /music/classical category at AvaxHome contains sub-categories, according to chronology:
Before 500 Ancient Music (/ancient)
500 - 1450 Medieval (/medieval)
1450 - 1600 Renaissance (/renaissance)
1600 - 1750 Baroque (/baroque)
1750 - 1830 1. Viennese School (/first_viennese_school)
1830 - 1900 Romantic (/romantic)
1900 - 1950 Early 20th century (/early_20th_century)
1950 - 2000 Contemporary (/contemporary)
2000 - present 21th Century (/twenty-first_century)

User FredCouples commented on 17 Dec 2008 23:37:
The category "music before 500" does not make too much sense in my regard - the amount of recordings (done from surviving manuscripts with music notation on them) tends against zero (0)... ;-)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Spanish are top (Kammermusikkammer - Visitors by Country)

Even though using Feedjit, it is not easy to get reliable statistics about the visitors of the kammermusikkammer, because Feedjits Live Traffic Map analyzes the geographic locations of only the last 100 visitors on a given moment.

In order to run statistics over longer periods, I made measurements on different days, on different day times, and calculated average percentages. And now I can (proudly) present the Kammermusikkammer's Visitors Statistics by Country.

The top ten visitors country (covering 68,4 percent of all visitors) are:

1. Spain 13,3
2. United States 11,7
3. Germany 10,7
4. Brazil 8,3
5. France 6,9
6. Italy 5,6
7. United Kingdom 4,2
8. Japan 3,7
9. Canada 2,1
10. Austria 1,9

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ice enhanced her cbox

The new designed cbox on ICE's blog classics makes a great visual impact: The posting persons appear with a personal picture, and Ice spent money (so I think) to buy more (and more startling) smilies (most of them are animated). All this makes a convenient ambience for the chatting, kidding, flirting, which takes places on this remarkable cbox.