Monday, November 24, 2008

The return of the king - Audiorosity is back

Sankerib decited to re-open his famous blog Audiorosity for public viewing. 

Some comments from his devotedly followers:

w61:  Hallo Sank. Sincerely happy to see you again. We missed you because here we have the best posts of all around. For days and days I came to see you were back, without loosing my hope: Now you are. And so are we. From Italy
prunejuice:  HOORAYY!!! I'm always saddened to see that this blog is closed now that it's open again, my life can continue hahaha
cholera:  Welcome back. Your periodical disappearences plunge all of us in an abyss of despair, only to be rebound onto a heaven of euphoria when you come back. (I have a PhD in 'flattering')
max:  Welcome back, I missed you a lot!!!
Blackbird:  Welcome back my dear friend Sankerib, we missed you
wolfgang:  Sun is rising again in Audiorosity. Welcome back, we missed you. Everything OK?
Scoredaddy:  Welcome back, my friend! You have been missed.
Lever:  Welcome back Sankerib, I'm very glad seeing you open again , best regards
octron:  Hello Sankerib, nice you have opened your blog again But no new uploads (just kidding )

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