Thursday, August 26, 2010

Expanding the list of lossless classical music blogs never ends…

The Music Parlour ~ Historical is a spin off (or a subset?) from Tin Ear’s Music Parlour. The latest posts were Sir Thomas Beecham’s Zauberflöte from 1937, Mengelberg’s Beethoven Symphonies from 1940 and Beethoven’s 5th piano concert performed in 1922. (picture aside). Stuff for the connoisseur, you see. is „a site on the history of sound recording. […] I will endeavor to put the recordings into some context, that is, why such and such a piece was recorded by such and such musicians on such and such a date, otherwise it all looks a bit arbitrary. In fact there were often very good commercial reasons for issuing particular discs and it is worth while pondering how these were received by the public.“ (

Jolyon has an excellent „My Links“ Page, with references to discographies & catalogues, free downloadable recordings, journals, and more.

Alucard from Italy runs the 18CenturyMusic Blog, „because classical music is not only Haydn and Mozart“. He posted Zelenka, Abbé Vogler, Sammartini, Myslivecek, Stamitz, etc., but nevertheless Haydn frequently occurs. I know Alucard from avaxhome under the nickname Kushami, but were not aware of his personal blog. You may also visit his YouTube channel.

Yao (Avax: qzlanyao) started his Classic Collection at August 1st, mainly Bach and the RCA Living Stereo 60 CDs Collection. I like the bright and well-arranged blog design.

Neal’s Historical Recordings moved from Google Blogger to Wordpress („for a variety of reasons“). Update your bookmarks, guys!