Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Supplements to my list of lossless blogs

When writing the last notification, I forget to mention Le moment musical - Classical music collection. Amedal has offered since November 2009 more than 160 posts which range from baroque to 19th century music, running some of my personnel favorites (f.e. Spohr, Ries, Raff).

El baúl del coleccionista is an „Espacio dedicado a la coleccion de grabaciones historicas“, i.e. a place for historical recordings, owned by Dumbarton Oaks. Two weeks ago the blog converted to FLAC; the older posts are still in mp3.

Also Ipromesisposi is an older blog I managed to ignore, alas!

en folía - "Un lugar para la música", active since November 2008, discovered by me as recently as two weeks ago, is a discreet blog on black background (such backgrounds are unusual at the moment). The music selection is excellent.

I put geometria innamorata to the lossless list because of some posts of Wagner, Pasquini, Bernard Parmegiani. Maybe the blog is too weird and does not fit in my list. What do you think?

Last, but not least: A blog, which is no blog, because of missing RSS feeds (yes!) : Rare Classical Vinyl is a repository of the Mercury Living Presence recordings:

"Mercury built a devoted following among classical music listeners in the 1950's and 60's. In 1951, when the company was a Chicago-based independent, it launched its ''Olympian Series'' with the now classic monophonic LP of the Mussorgsky-Ravel ''Pictures at an Exhibition'' played by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra under Rafael Kubelik. In reviewing that disk in The New York Times, Howard Taubman wrote that the effect was ''like being in the living presence of the orchestra''; Mercury took his phrase ''Living Presence'' as the rubric for its subsequent releases, and carried it well into the stereophonic era."


Jesús Garrido said...

gracias, me ha servido de ayuda

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Nemo,

thank you for all that you have been doing for classical music.
I just wanted to make you aware (in case you don't know yet) about a new classical music blog. It's called "Classic Collection" and the RSS feed may be found here: