Monday, June 28, 2010

Notification about new lossless blogs

Well, I made my last notification about new lossless blogs on February 6th, a rather long time ago. Let me report now, what I found in Blogosphere during the last 5 months (without special order):

Maready stated in his blog High Pony Tail: „Most selections are taken from vinyl recordings. Sometimes I use the available technology to 'remove' pops and clicks. Often, particularly in cases where the recording has been made available on CD at some point, I simply record the record to my beloved Sony CD-R recorder and post the results without further intervention.“

The Vinyl Fatigue „gives digital new life to forgotten LPs“, as Lawrence Austin, the owner, declares: „I grew up listening to records -- shellac and vinyl -- and the sound of a needle tracking the grooves of an old LP is still deeply comforting to me -- a sound from childhood, like the fan of the hot air furnace coming on. However turntables are now relatively scare, and we are becoming less tolerant of noise from the medium the music is stored on, so putting up renovated files of what I consider choice, but neglected performances, seemed a good way to spend some time. There are several thousand LPs in the house, a lot of them not re-issued on CD, some of them performances of real importance. If you like something, post a comment. I'd love to hear from you.“

Squirrel is a musician/teacher/writer in New York City: „These LP transfers generally represent noteworthy or neglected recordings from the Great Century which have fallen out of print, out of favor, or out of reach. The focus is primarily on chamber music, violinists, violists, and cellists of distinction, and orchestral music. I strive to balance standard repertoire by interesting and lesser known artists with unusual and lesser-heard works. These are made available here not to circumvent the marketplace, but to fill in the cultural/historical gaps in our collective understanding of recorded posterity for those who wish to listen. They are to be enjoyed, shared, and learned from.“

運銘 (Yun-ming) has contributed to the collaborative blog Meeting in Music in the past, and last May she started her own „Ah Meng’s Blog“, which gained up to now more than 30 followers.

„A 20th Century Opera Collection“ started in April, run by RVV („Un grupo para difundir los libros de la ciencia politica“).

3 days ago, André Rendeiro stated: „I'm starting this blog with the intent to share some of the music I own as a retribution to some of you who have given so much to me by doing the same. Although I don't possess a lot of music on original CD's (and those are the ones I intend to share), the music I have is of extreme rarity in the blogosphere, mostly premiere recordings of music by portuguese composers. I might acquire some more, and I'll certainly share it with you. The name of the blog "Feldeinsamkeit" isn't properly the better name for a blog which offers portuguese classical music, but my musical roots are deeply in the heart of German music, specially in Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, Mahler and R. Strauss, so I chose the name of a lied by Brahms on Allmers' poem, which I love.“

Last but not least there are two relaunches/resumes to report: Hot Skin is the former „La Peau Douce“; and is moving to

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