Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reducing my backlog of notifications about new lossless blogs

I really have an enormous backlog of notifications about new lossless blogs, and I want to make things a little better with these short resumes:

"Links. Musik Kino Philosophie" is the name of an extraordinary discovery. The owner, Schahed, posted 129 articles since December, with tags like Alexander Kluge, Bruno Maderna, Edgar Reitz, Karl Marx, Modern Music, Opera, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Richard Wagner, Slavoj Zizek, and more. Maybe you can get an idea what all he is interesting in. He offers audios, videos and audiobooks.

"John Bull's 'Circle of Sound'" started on January 23th and contains LP transfers, "many long out of print." The blog's subtitle is "classics for the connoisseur - curious from the world of recorded sound", which makes me curious about his (I imagine him to be a british) future steps.

"Grumpy's Classics Cave" are "ramplings and rumblings from a collector of recorded classical music". The rumbler, his name is CharmNick, is owner of a photocard of London Transport, and also interested in old LPs. I could not resist to republish his portrait here.

Another collector of LPs, much longer active in blogosphere, is Benoit from the "Quartier des Archives". He posts in flac and mp3, tracklists and comments are in French. Most of the posts are pictured with the scanned LP, not the cover. Maybe he lost the covers over the years; the LPs look really old. The blog is a quarry for the audiophile.

موسيقى -كلاسيك
( was active only in November and December 2007, but the (mostly classical) music is well selected (from Ockeghem and Monteverdi to Saint-Saens and Friedrich Nietzsche), and the links are still active. I discovered the blog last month. The owner signed with Yakoff.

Right now, where I am writing these lines, I stumpled about "The Music Parlour", with music from LPs from the fifties (exactly: 1949 to 1964). As I am reading in some comments, is the owner's name Tin Ear, and he is a close friend of CharmNick (mentioned above)

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