Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Follow the Kammerton blog for actual news concerning the Kammermusikkammer

This new blog, called "Kammerton", has been established to act as newsfeed for the associated blog "Kammermusikkammer", which is dedicated to early, classical and contemporary western chamber music.

While the five last news of this blog are always shown on the Kammermusikkammer, is here the place to read the news in fully length, and to discuss controverse topics by posting comments to the articles. As additional service, an cbox will be established for your commenting pleasure.


coratogia said...

bonjour captain nemo,

listening to the excellent Monteverdi CORSICA VENEXIANA on MM, (i am actually in Corsica, but Monteverid is coming from your care, thanks !)

i like your blogs (you, sankerib, etc)
later, i will try to bring my own, because we love about the same Musics.. and i would like to 'pay' for the pleasure of borrowing some of your treasures..

have you ever heard of french music blogger (i mean offering links to their discotheque) ??

musicoholy yours,
so long, bernard

WMS.Nemo said...

Dear coratogia, I only know from Dreamer, sitting in his just another garden. His blog is very neat.

coratogia said...

danke-schoene (phonetically), i sent him a signal.

very nice is his blog, i hope i will open on too, but i feel skeptical about the safety ,
see the problem of IL GIARDINO :

is 'sharebee' a solution? torrents were safe..

anyway, thank you ! and Gruse Got