Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When the music was over ... and resurrected

Our fellow blogger WF decited to delete all posts in his blog "When the music is over". Afterwards, the blog resurrected under the name "Auferstehn..." and became a "Gustav Mahler related record guide".

WF says: "dear visitors, this blog's purpose is to celebrate the recordings of Gustav Mahler related works. if you really just come to know the music, you won't be put off by the decent mp3 quality offered here. this deliberate action is intended for to prevent cloning of the original CDs, i recommend to buy after positive evaluation."

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WMS.Nemo said...

WF's blog reincarnated another time, under the name "in my room", and with extended content, as he states:

"this blog is the soundtrack of my life...
you will find: lots of mahler, british music (classical + folk), music from scandinavia ...
you may not find: wagner, verdi ..."

BTW: I endorse WF skipping Wagner.