Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who on earth is "Ruben Vizcaino Valencia" ?

A blogger named "Colectivo Ruben Vizcaino Valencia" is follower of some classical music blogs and keeper of some own music blogs, as:

He/She is saying in the profile:

"Somos un colectivo, organizado en memoria del Maestro Ruben Vizcaíno Valencia, y nos declaramos partidarios de la generosidad, la solidaridad y la entrega anonimas."

Who on earth is "Ruben Vizcaino Valencia"?  - After googling for a long time, I found a link:


There are rumors about that the "Colectivo" is a pack of copycats, it est they copy/past posts from other music blogs. Hence, I put their blogs under quarantine (meaning: I did not add to my list of music links on the Kammermusikkammer.)


Anonymous said...

Your post remebered me Seinfeld´s "Soup Nazi", who are you to call "copy cat" to anybody?
It´s sad and rude.

bibixy said...

It's sad and rude to comment anonymously... you write "who are you" but you don't write who you are. ;-)
BTW if somebody copy and paste the content of some page, it would be just nice to use the "Blogs Relacionados" box, that sits so nicely in the blog, if not giving the proper credit. If even this is not done then you can't blame WMS Nemo for calling "copy cat" a copy cat.

wf said...
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