Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Soap and Plum Preserves

Mail from P.A.S. to me, from Jul 26:

Hello, WMS Nemo,

Rho, from the State of Wonder blog recommended that I let you know of my new project:


I will try to complement posts from bloggers like Ice at Classicallibrary, Rho at State of Wonder, Edmond at Fauteuil d'Oreille and a few others.

I would be honoured if you could spread the word, I hope you will not be disappointed.

Thanks in advance,

Warsaw, Poland

Sandflyer states in his profile:

I try to aim for performances of works off the beaten path, generally unavailable on CD or performances by noteworthy artists.
Sometimes, both requirements are met... If the same live performance becomes available on CD, I will remove my broadcast recording, directing the listener to an appropriate link...
I make all the recordings myself.

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