Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new year - two (NO: three) brand new blogs

Last monday, tonyangelo started a new lossless classical music blog "La peau douce" (with up to now 9 posts, like the Stravinsky shown beside).

Also on last monday, the blog "Classical in the Air" was born, maintained by upkerry14 (Nickname is "Bill"). Bill says: "I'm going to try a blog featuring classical music in lossless format only ( FLAC, APE etc... except for some DAB which are shared here in thier original lossy format) of FM/digital radio broadcasts that I get mostly from I have no idea how much time I will devote to this so it's a wait and see sort of thing. Feel free to contribute as well of course. Enjoy the tunes."

UPDATE: I just discovered another blog owned by upkerry14, named A Thunderous Sound. It started with string quartets by Max Reger, a composer seldom found in the lossless blogs and avax.

Welcome, newcomers to the classical blogs comunity!


Anonymous said...

Buen domingo mi amigo,
podrias incluir en tus novedades a nuestro modesto blog sobre ópera?
Edgardo (Buenos Aires)

Justin said...

I thoroughly love the work you do on this blog, but I can't quite see the point of making a public announcement about two blogs (In the Air and Thunderous) that, on closer look, are only for "invited readers." I'll stick with your blog and concerthall, since they've not yet fallen prey to that stuck-up nonsense.

Thanks for your continued kindness and fine work!

sphfive said...

I could not find a blog at the thunderous sound link; also two of the others were invite only to read the blog...pity; but I guess it protects the author from the
Google razor gang.
Otherwise a terrific effort in amongst the plethora of sites.